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Comedy | Drama
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23.976 fps
French 5.1  
Run Time:
127 min
IMDB Rating:
7.9 / 10 
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Directors: Jean-Marc Vallee [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Born Christmas Day 1960, Zac Beaulieu is the fourth of five sons of Gervais and Laurianne Beaulieu. Zac feels somewhat disconnected to his brothers, all of whom are different from each other. They include the bookworm Christian who is the eldest, the dumb jock Antoine who is third, and the youngest Yvan. But Zac has the most contempt for his second eldest brother, the shiftless druggie Raymond. To his devout Catholic mother, Zac is her miracle son, both for being born the same day as Jesus Christ (a fact which Zac has always hated), and because a Tupperware-selling mystic once told her that he has the power to heal. Laurianne has always coddled Zac, the two who have a special if unspoken bond. But Zac wants more to please his father, who wants more than anything in his sons that they grow up to be man's men and not sissies. As Zac goes through his mid-teens to early twenties, Zac isn't sure if he can live up to the ideals of either his mother or especially his father. A young man with...


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must see

This is a movie I will never forget. I love everything about this film. And If you had any doubts about Canadian cinema , they will be forever demolished once you see this film.

Michel C?té is a very good actor. And Marc-André Grondin is a very talented actor as well. He definitely makes you feel the drama. The director, Jean-Marc Vallée, brings us in the peaceful Quebec of the 60s and 70s. And of course great music. (In fact, those were the songs that me and my father used to listen.) And also this movie is very open to dirty stuff because of its subject but it is a well-balanced film. So you don't get any real dirty stuff.

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you should definitely buy or rent the DVD.


This film shines. It exudes something tangibly different in its at times sensual photography, its sinuous, undulating changes of speed and motion. The story is refreshing, in that, although familiar, it is seen from a new, reluctant perspective - for me at any rate. I loved the embattled religiosity, that there was a loose acceptance in that Zac respected the beliefs of his parents, but never hammers home their differences in that respect. In others, though, inevitably there will be conflict, and perhaps particularly at the time of setting. An excellent character study in so many ways - even secondary characters are satisfactorily fleshed out, or have enough about them to warrant sympathy. Well written, well scored, brilliantly acted, and photographed.

Must go buy, now!

very great!

It's a amazing!A very heavy emotion in,I am moving!I think it's a pressure from Z'parents,he living in a spicial expectation,it's a source of why he is a spicial man.

Michel C?té is a very good actor,though I never know him before,but I will see his film in the future as I can.

I was picked it up from so many DVD in the shop,I think it's a spicial one!C.R.A.Z.Y And I want to know how did the writer create this story,maybe from his childhood,I have some feelings like him although I am a only one child in my family! Maybe,the dad need to talk with his son and he will know the really emotion of them......
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