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After a man loses his child, he begins a campaign to destroy the white collar criminals behind the opioid epidemic, and reluctantly embraces his anti-hero status.


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Must See Thriller

Painkiller was a beautiful combination of entertainment and lessons in abuses of power. The acting was incredible as they take you along for the ride as the lead character seeks vengeance for the loss of his daughter. Great writing, great directing, great acting. I highly recommend you watch this movie.


Amazing movie naturally gifted actors! Real life all the way! Really shows what this world is all about! Fight the fight!

Definitely a must see film!

As a chronic pain patient, I was a bit hesitant at first. Pain patients receive so much judgement so the last thing I wanted to see was a movie which would make me feel bad for something I cannot control. However, Painkiller tackles a real problem. The same problem that causes so many tragic deaths ironically also causes so many pain chronic pain patients to feel judged, depressed, defeated and even suicidal. Painkiller tackles the reason behind the opioid epidemic, greedy pharmaceutical companies, greedy Doctors who dishonor their Hippocratic Oath to DO NO HARM, the lack of resources for law enforcement to tackle the issue and the drug dealers.

Listening to the main character Bill as he comforts a parent who lost a child to an overdose while dealing with his own loss really broke my heart. Watching Bill take matters into his own hands to avenge his daughter's death was satisfying. What parent wouldn't do everything in their power to bring their child's killer to justice? Tom Parnell as Doctor Mac is the epitome of a great Doctor. Yet no good deed goes unpunished. Enter Michael Pare as Doctor Rhodes who not only steals Good Doctor Mac's wife but destroys his career when Doctor Mac refuses to market a drug meant to help heart patients as yet another PAINKILLER.

Supporting characters Alexander Pennecke as RIP, Kalimah Gaston as Janet Simone and Kristina Berenger as Lisa really strengthened each scene. Bill Oberst Jr and Tom Parnell really compliment each other. The action scenes were organic. This movie will touch on all of your emotions. Mark Savage, Tom Parnell and David Richardson are a creative power team. Director Mark Savage is a fearless genius. Everything about Painkiller works. I highly recommend it.
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