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Comedy | War
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Directors: Jack Smight [Director] ,

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When 5 allied generals are captured in Italy in WW II, it is a propaganda nightmare for the Allies. The generals are all 1 star and refuse to take orders from each other in order to plan an escape. Harry Frigg is a private who has escaped from the guard house dozens of times. He is promoted to Major General (2 stars) and ordered to get the generals out once he is captured. Harry is willing to escape, but then he meets the countess ...


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Fun War Comedy, Nothing More

There are not many war comedies, obviously war is not humorous, but it makes for good movies even though it is a fantasy.

This is not a very good War Comedy, it's Ok but only average OK. It looks like a vehicle for Paul Newman, who is one of my favourite actors, that's why I watched it in the first place, the trouble with these 'vehicle' films is that usually no one takes them seriously, except maybe a supporting actor who has not yet had much of a career and wants to look good. The star who the 'vehicle' is for is already established so does not feel the need to make much effort, the director and other film staff know the score and are just going along with it as paid employees, even some of the supporting actors are not that bothered, as they all know no one is interested in them, just the star, and that is why I watched it also, so this is why they are only average movies, and this movie is no exception. The story is a good one and makes sense but is let down by an average screenplay, but it has a good ending.

Paul Newman does not seem to put much effort into his role, just acts a bit daft, most of the support go along with that, the love interest Sylva Koscina, does seem to make an effort, and is very pretty, but that is why she is there, so that is most of the role before she speaks, but she is still Ok. The one redeeming feature is that of the nationalities that are represented, most actors are from that country, which gives it some authenticity, and also the Germans and Italians when speaking to their own countrymen speak in their own language, again a good point, the film is reasonably well made, but missing some bits, maybe they needed to edit more out to get to the right length ?

I like Paul Newman, but this is not one of his better movies, only watch if you are a Paul Newman fan or you are attracted to Sylva Koscina, it's entertaining, but only just.

This is a fun movie

Kind of a Hogan's Heros without the most obvious low brow comedy.

Sylva Koscina is enchanting as the countess... Yummy eye candy in a movie full of men.

I'm looking forward to seeing it again, it's been many years.

Kind of a fun movie.

A fairly bloodless 'war' movie.

More of a comedy, somewhere between 'The Great Escape' and 'Hogan's Heros'.

Fun, goofy, and serious both...

The Italians are running the POW camp... instead of the Germans.. at the time the Italians are about to capitulate to the Allies during WWII.

Plain stupid

"The Secret War of Harry Frigg" shows the crisis in which the movie industry in the sixties has been. Stars like Paul Newman were not able to find decent material for films and had to do stuff like this. At that time WWII which had received serious treatment in the fifties was now ripe for spoofs, mostly in connection with the Italian front line because Italian soldiers did not remind people e.g. of concentration camps. Good comedies about wartime are rare ("To be or not to be") and the more distant the war got the more stupid the comedies about war. Watching Newman in the role of Harry Frigg makes me cringe. His character is completely unrealistic and so is the rest of the story. WWII became a playground for selfish soldiers who seemed to have no other problem but to have fun is definitely no fun to me.In this film as in "What did you do in the war, daddy?" the Italians are kind of cute and the Germans are the real enemies. One wonders when the first comedy about 9/11 will come out...
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