Reviews for Freaky ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.8 / 10

Watch it immediately!

A breath of fresh air in comedy horror movies. The fresh and dynamic comedy movie.

Great acting from both leads

Vaughn was definently the star, but his counterpart held her own and it was a fun watch!

It was beyond awesome

Honestly, watching this movie was so awesome and not only was the movie planned out well, but I loved the fact where every death was different and it was just ordinary like Stab your dead you guys actually made it creative and the storyline was just Epic!!

Fun and Entertaining

I wasn't sure what to expect going in. Everyone, except Vince Vaughn, was an unknown to me and he has been a hit or miss over the last 15 years. The previews showed nothing but a horror comedy so the cold open being an homage to Friday the 13th while taking itself seriously and emoting genuine emotion was a great introduction to the rest of the film which didn't stray from the comedy element like the intro. The female lead played her role well but Vince Vaughn completely stole the show acting as a teenage girl. Writing that sentence feels weird but the performance never gave off an inappropriate or creepy vibe. I found myself laughing hysterically for many of his scenes and the film sent you home with unforced character development and arc for Millie and her family. There are some stereotypical characters, at some points it was an obvious commentary on old horror films but other times came off as a genuine cliché instead of a satirized cliché. With that said it was never distracting and didn't ruin the experience in the slightest with Vince Vaughn stealing every scene he was in.

Watched multiple times

I borrowed the DVD from my local library. I watched Freaky multiple times by myself and with friends. Funniest thing I have seen so far in '21. Scary too, plus had a message= we ain't just what we look like. Just sayin'. As a senior citizen now, I appreciated that.


This was fun and funny and suspenseful and I loved it. I'm so glad Vince Vaughn got slightly shunned by hollywood for believing in lower taxes, because he is doing some of his best work now. Brawl in Cell Block 99 is one of my favorite movies ever, and to see him go from that character to this is hilarious. I've only met a few celebrities in person but he was definitely the coolest and nicest. If you don't have fun with this movie I would be shocked.

Vince Vaughn as serial killer? Sold!!

Here's a role I would never imagined Vince Vaughn doing- but damn glad he did!!! The whole body switching thing (yeah we've seen it a million times, I know) but this despite a familiar premise was sold by the two leads particularly Vaughn who seemed he was having a blast playing killer and highschool senior!

Well written, great acting, and a decent ending.

Worth checking out!!

We haven't laughed that hard in over a year!! BEST film of 2020!! Sequel PLEASE!!

This film was hilarious all the actors were fantastic especially the 2 leads she was great in both roles and Vince Vaughn is always Underrated and AMAZING. People said its cliche or its predictable, we know the premise you ignorant morons!! Its going to be predictable and cliche but the performances raised it to a classic cult status comedy horror. My side was actually hurting from laughing so much, both my wife and I agreed this and happy deathday are now our 2 favorite comedies. Yes they're comedy horrors but we laugh more than ever being scared. Blumhouse keep it up us TRUE film lovers know perfection when we see it!!! Sequel please but figure a way to get mr Vaughn back for it!!!!

Very successful ??

One of the best movies I've ever watched is content actors, events, deaths, very realistic, very successful movies with different content, I think watch better and give high scores folks

It's 7.5 for the pure entertainment.

This is a fun film, with a bit of slasher elements and the comedy style surrounding this genre. Now, the added value here is the great pace and the cool performance of Vince Vaughn as a teenage girl. The film is more funny than scary and there is plenty of nice dialogue and moments in there to keep you entertained. 7,5 / 10 freaky fun movie.

Not excellent, but very good

Mix of good old horror movies and good comedies. Good and relaxing. Recommendations.

An Absolute Bore

There is nothing in the movie that I found interesting. Watched this movie for Vince Vaughn but even he let me down. A total bore and a waste of time.


A bit too far fetched where it's annoying and feels like dumb writing more so than ironic comedy.

While it was a good plot idea, the execution of it all was questionable and quite sloppy which is a shame as the trailer was very promising as well as Happy Death Day being a great watch when it was released.Shame the expectations didn't follow through. 3/10

Better than expected

I wasn't expecting much, but surprisingly enough, we all laughed and enjoyed this. Vince Vaughn was his usual amazing self, and Kathryn Newton was excellent in her 180-turn characters. The writing was awesome with some great LOL moments. The directing, sound and score were also on point. The 102 runtime felt a little long for the story, even though the pacing was decent. Nevertheless, entertaining and fun.


One word: cliche.Just like any other blumhouse films this days.

Boring cliché

I stopped watching when I saw how badly acted it was 10 min. That cliché scene at breakfast with the bacon eating, who eats their mouth like that? Even the eating is badly acted. Not a good movie.

Not a 'must see', also not bad

This movie revolves around a girl that is picked on by everyone, by the fellow students, even the teachers. Then one day she swaps bodies with a serial killer. Vince Vaught truly carries this movie, Kathryn Newton does a very bad job at pretending Vince, the only thing she does is being quiet and looking like an infant who has to poop. It's the most predictable plot EVER, but the fair amount of slashing makes up for that. Then there are the demonic whispers in the movie, but that is more laughable then scary, I even dare to say there is not 1 scary thing in this movie. If you will never see this movie in your life, then you have missed out nothing, if you can't find a better movie, this one will fill your evening.

2 good jokes in 100 minutes

Freaky (Friday), horror for teens with woke undertones.The best the movie has to offer:1) gay dude coming out to his mom as straight.2) mother unknowingly hitting on her daughter.

yous are welcome. A grown man acting girly isnt exactly the apex of comedy


Please dont waste your time, why blumhouse so bad like this

Good directing bad script

Directing and acting is good, script and story not so much..