Reviews for Mookuthi Amman ( ) 720p

IMDB: 6.4 / 10

Someone should take movie of Christian Pastor fooling people as well

Someone should take movie to demonstrate how Christian Pastor fool people and do conversion

Completely waste of the time watching this

Completely waste of the time watching defame Hinduism this movie was taken..

Anti hindu movie

Worst movie ever saw.....its against hindu society. Its indirectly getting yogi adityanadh and ramdev baba into it...not even dared to picturize Christianity and its dark shades of pastors....

Good Movie but too drag

Good Movie but too dragging and songs us not needed in some place.One time watch.

Mocks Hinduism unfairly

Typical leftist propoganda film. Don't waste time watching this.

Don't expect comedy

1 The film's cringe af.2 It openly mocks Hinduism.3 Misinterpretation of Hinduism.4 Don't know why paster scene was deleted.5 Nothing to say.6 Watch this on your own risk.

Hinduphobic movie

When the need of the time is to make world more inclusive and it's needed to be understood that there's isn't not just one god like allah or Jesus but thousands of gods around the world ,our indian cinema industry is busy making more and more hinduphobic movies instead of making movies on no conversion of hindus and other ancient polytheist faiths.

Why not make a movie on no conversion?

Why always targeting Hindu gods and showing in a bad light?

Rj balaji over action is unbearable

Rj balaji over action is unbearable. Boring movie.I will not recommend


This is the worst movie I have ever watched. Based on loose story and faulty screenplay.

Just targeting big names alone won't win

Poor storyline. Poor direction n characters. Totally a pathetic movie. Only good thing is, didn't spend money in theatre!! Balaji is real poor in acting! This is not a tv show Balaji!

Urvashi mam nailed the show

Urvashi mam. Ohhhh what an acting. She acted in two extremes for soorari pottru and mookuthi amman.

One time watchable family entertainer..

Only for Urvasi madam..she performed extremely....

Good movie but many unwanted scenes

It is a good movie with good theme that is happening in real life.... But 10 minutes before intermission Overtalking by R J balaji...

Really good message!!

The plot was really great and the message the crew wanted to convey was successful. But, the cinematography and pace of the story should have been improvised...Continuation between scenes wasn't that good... And the villain's character could have been much more strengthened.. He didn't give a villain feel to me apart from his looks.


Only first half is good that to only Becoz of Urvashi acting & Balaji fun comedy. Other than movie is mokka.

Not bad

Beginning was slightly slow and normal asusual with the normal filmBut they concluded in a good way of manner to the current trend and about the belief where it uplift the movie to slightly better filmOverall it seems to be good??

!!! Nostalgic !!! God Movie

Felt like the old style God movie...Direction can be better but given RJ Balaji who is really venturing into this area and making some genuine effort, deserves accolades.While there were some snags in the script; keep your brains out and watch this for a full treat. Don't compare it with any versions of PK movie (Hindi) or Oh My God (Hindi)... You need these light weighted subjects with some real good common man messages.

A must needed movie for our society

The movie starts like a typical tamil movie... But ends up delivering a good message for our society... Enjoyed a 2 hour run without a lag or boring moment.. A worth watch movie... Loved it

Superb combo

Fun filled message film. Packed with humour and pakka entertainment movie.